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Shop Floor Systems based on the lean manufacturing model help the modern factory to optimize production output, fight wastages and lower production costs. Manufacturers today must have the ability to accurately and consistently MEASURE THE EFFICIENCY of the equipment, the machine operator and process deployed. No lasting improvement is possible without meticulous measurement! Increasing overtime, adding shifts or purchasing new equipment are some reactive stop gap measures factories take when running up against sudden capacity problems in the past much to the detriment of the bottom line. Nowadays, with a properly configured Shop Floor System, factories are able to better plan, track, improve and optimize the performances of their human resources, machines and plant assets.

Mexter's shop floor solution provides a powerful yet easy to implement interface to manufacturing equipment to enable meticulous measurements of the efficiencies of the equipment and the manufacturing process. Our EPMS, Equipment Performance Monitoring System is an indispensible measurement tool to benchmark, analyse, reduce losses, improve and innovate production processes and drive profits. EPMS helps you in your quest to:
  • Reduce bottlenecks and increase throughput in the process
  • Better train and monitor my machine operators
  • Reduce machine setup time
  • Improve machine reliability by implementing and tracking preventive maintenance efforts
  • Optimize run rates in my current factory capacities
  • Eliminate down time by recording and tracking common production stoppage reasons
  • Expose hidden problems and tackle them quickly

EPMS provides your managers, engineers, maintenance staffs, operators and planners important data collected in realtime and collated into useful information on the effectiveness of the production processes. The realtime aspect of EPMS helps your machine operators and engineers to quickly make decisions and take immediate actions on equipment abnormalies before issues turn into crisises!

EPMS can be your competitive tool!

Our Competitors
  • What are my competitors doing for shop floor data?
  • Do they have OEE tracking?
  • Are they more profitable as a result?

Our Production Floor
  • What is the status of each piece of equipment now?
  • Is the equipment performance meeting the planned output?
  • What are the bottlenecks in process?
  • What are my equipment utilization rates?
  • What is the efficiency of the machine?
  • Why are there frequent stoppages?
  • Why are the machine failure modes?
  • Who are the operators in charge of the machine?

EPMS uses the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) formula to analyze and display machine utilization information.

Companies that have implemented an EPMS as a Continuous Improvement Program have reported achievements of more than 10% in OEE and improvements of even a single percentage point in OEE can have a direct positive impact on your production costs whether they are labor, material or energy costs.

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