Mobile Messaging Gateway

Mexcomm is a Mobile Messaging Platform provider / SMS aggregator that specialises in SMS/Mobile application services and advertising solutions.
Some services we provide:
SMS prevention gateway system: Mexcomm's SMS prevention system (SPG) seeks to stop unscrupulous content providers sending illicit materials to end users by ensuring that content providers registered with Mexcomm adhere to the standards and regulations that governing bodies have applied.
Bulk SMS distribution: Mexcomm's solution to mass-SMS distribution, MexBulk, provides access to a mobile audience and can be sent instantly to a large group automatically, reducing time and labour costs.
Reverse Billing SMS: Delivering on-demand mobile content via SMS, MexPremium is one of Malaysia's largest subscribed Premium SMS service.
Mobile Applications Marketing: Mexcomm also develops rich-multimedia interactive applications for digital marketing and media.